Monday, February 14, 2005

Bizarre Crime Trends: Vivisections of Pregnant Women

What is going on? Has this entire country gone stark, raving mad? Ok, don't answer that.

But do read this article from the Guardian for the story of a pregnant women who apparently killed her assailant in self-defense. Here's a quote:

Several pregnant women have been killed in recent years by attackers who then removed their fetuses, in some cases to pass the children off as their own.

In December, a Missouri woman was strangled and her baby was cut from her womb. The baby was later found alive, and a Kansas woman was charged with kidnapping resulting in death. In 2003, a woman was shot to death in Oklahoma, allegedly by another woman who then pretended the 6-month-old fetus was her child. That fetus died.

And then there's the Laci Peterson murder that garnered so much attention recently, although it was the husband who committed the murder there.

No mention of Satanism in any of these cases. It's usually blamed on mentally disturbed individuals. Scott Peterson was in his right mind, it was just an immoral, sociopathic mind. Hadn't he ever heard of divorce? Hadn't these other people ever heard of adoption? Talk about sociopathic behavior....

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