Monday, January 31, 2005

Paying the Piper

Common Dreams has reposted an articled by Professor David W. Orr titled The Imminent Demise of the Republican Party.

It's a really short opinion piece, but I'll pull out his two top reasons for the demise of the Republicans:

The rules of the Republican Party of George Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Tom Delay, and their brethren are these:

* Deny science when its findings are not agreeable to your base. Republicans, notably, are on the wrong side of the largest issue in human history: human driven, rapid climate change. They’ve chosen instead to live in a Crichton-esque science fiction fantasy in which real science has no standing and human actions have no tragic, irreversible, and global ecological consequences. This is not just boneheaded, it is a form of criminality for which we have, as yet, no adequate words.

* Deny the looming approach of peak oil extraction thereby advancing the potential of economic, political, and social chaos when global oil supply and demand diverge as soon they will....

Unfortunately, I doubt the Democrats have significantly more will to address these issues. Although it was Bush who killed the Kyoto Protocol, not Clinton.

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