Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Kansas makes the news: for having a shrinking economy

I'm an army brat, so I moved around a lot as a kid. But I consider myself as being from Kansas. I've spent more time in Kansas than anywhere else, and I have many fond memories of Kansas.

So I am always interested in news about my home state. Leita Walker has written an article on Kansas for the Christian Science Monitor that discusses how Boeing and Sprint may be downsizing their operations in Kansas soon.

Kansas is a nice place, but there aren't many high-paying jobs, that's for sure.

Actually, I think the most productive use of western Nebraska, western Kansas, western Oklahoma, and much of western Texas would be to build giant windmill farms to produce energy for the entire country.

We could use the few people still living in these parts of the country to help maintain the windmill farms. Clean, renewable energy would be a blessing for this country. I doubt it will happen anytime soon, the neo-cons are much more keen on killing brown people to steal their oil.

After I wrote this, I saw that Joshua Norton proposed something similar over at Strip Mining for Whimsy.

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