Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Is it time to bomb Iran yet?

Julian Borger suggests that the Bush administration hasn't quite made up its collective mind.

Update: The Financial Times details the Pentagon's response to Seymour Hersch's article (even implying Hersh is an anti-Semite) and the Christian Science Monitor discusses the Pentagon's response and what they are saying about it in Tehran and Islamabad.

From the Tehran Times:

Today, the Islamic Republic has acquired massive military might, the dimensions of which still remain unknown, and is prepared to attack any intruder with a fearsome rain of fire and death.

The U.S. always bluffs in its dealings with powerful countries and only has the nerve to challenge weak and feeble regimes that have nothing to defend since they are only puppet governments. |Link|

I don't like Bush very much, but I don't think he's one to bluff either.

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