Saturday, December 04, 2004

Organzing your Personal Library in Six Easy Steps

Kendall Grant Clark has an interesting article at on using freely available Library of Congress Information to index your books, CDs and other materials.

Since he's not a librarian, I'm impressed with his ambition and vision.

This is what we librarians call copy cataloging, where you use pre-existing call numbers to label your materials.

Worth a read if you have the problem of not being able to find the book you are looking for when you want it.

Of course, the reason I ran across the article is because he mentions the role of RFID in cataloging a library:

If I were writing this article in, say, 10 years, I'd be talking about RFID tags instead of barcodes. I think it's likely that in 10 years books will include active RFID tags, which will largely obviate the need to label them in order to manage your collection. Ubiquitous RFID tags in books seems more likely to me than the pure digital lifestyle scenario about the future of books, namely, that we'll all be reading books on some electronic paper device in 10 years, having foregone a 500 year old tradition of relishing the tactile pleasures of books as physical objects.

But I think he meant to say passive RFID tags in the above passage. The problem with active RFID tags is that their battery will eventually run out and then your cataloging system would stop working.

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