Saturday, November 20, 2004

Police Practice Update: tasers being used on children in Miami

The Guardian reports on two recents uses of tasers against children. The second use sounds remotely reasonable, using the taser to disable a child who is injuring himself with a piece of broken glass and may be suicidal. The first use discussed was on a fleeing 12-year-old and is beyond the pale.

Tip for the future, if someone you love is despondent and suicidal, don't call the cops. Cops tend the think with their guns and are more than happy to oblige those who wish to commit suicide by cop.

And to be fair to cops, the literature indicates that a peson within 21 feet of a cop with a knife drawn will be able to critically injure the officer 80-90% of the time regardless of what the officer does. Handguns actually have little stopping power regardless of caliber and while the knife-wielding assailant may ultimately die, that won't prevent injury to the cop.

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