Saturday, November 13, 2004

Neal's Safety Tip of the Month: Own a Flashlight

Of course, it's no good owning a flashlight if:

a. The batteries are dead
b. You can't find it when you need it.

Several months ago I bought a couple of Russian Dynamo flashlights. I keep one in the house and one in the car. I got mine from NitroPak, but Sahalie is also selling them.

I've been using this dynamo flashlight while I walk the dog. It isn't a third as powerful as the D-Cell maglites I own. But I 've found it to be sturdy and it works well enough for me to scoop the dog's poop at night. (Too much information?)

These little dynamo lights can also be used to improve your grip strength, but you can strain your wrist if you overdo it, as I discovered. :-(

I keep both battery-powered flashlights and hand-crank flashlights on hand as well as glow sticks. And then I also have my half-dozen bike-lights that I use when I bike at night....

So I probably have all the lights any person could ever need. But can you ever have too many flashlights?

It's good to be able to see in the dark. It stands to reason that emergency's will occur at night half of the time....and the dark puts you at a severe disadvantage psychologically as well as tactically during a crisis.

I suggest that you buy a good flashlight, if you don't have at least one already.

Do you have a favorite flashlight? If so, let me know why you like it so much in the comments section.

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