Saturday, October 02, 2004

Random RFID Update: IBM plans for RFID and the sign of the beast

IBM is devoting $250 million dollars and 1,000 employees to develop RFID systems and middleware.

Sensor and Actuator Solutions [a division of IBM] plans to release new WebSphere-based RFID middleware product to collect, integrate and manage data obtained from RFID tags and readers from customers' distribution centers and stores before the end of the year. The goal is to eventually sell systems that can provide real-time virtual views of the complete shipping process, so that customers can pinpoint the exact location of goods at any stage of the journey from central warehouses to retailers' shelves. Since launching its RFID division a year ago, IBM has made steady commitments to the industry. It's also used RFID technology to improve operational efficiency in the company's Fishkill, New York plant. |Link|

In the tagging humans category, this story tells of BBC Science producer Simon Morton getting chipped.

Earlier I mentioned Michael Kannelos' article on RFID chipping of humans. Since I mentioned Kannelos' article, the comments section over on CNET has gone crazy with all of the Christians talking about the number of the beast.

As RFID chipping becomes more common, it will be interesting to see how the Christian resistance pans out.

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