Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Quagmire Watch: US Bombing Mosques

Bombing mosques does not strike me as a sign of progress.

The International Institute for Strategic Studies has issued a report called the Military Balance which finds fault with the Bush administration's rationale that it is bringing terrorist together in Iraq to decimate them

The report dismissed claims by US officials that the influx of jihadists into Iraq brought more terrorists into a smaller "killing zone". The al-Qaida movement was unlikely to concentrate forces in any one country, the institute said, adding that the 1,000 foreign fighters estimated to be in Iraq were a "minute fraction of its potential strength".

The institute's director, John Chipman, said yesterday: "The outcome of the US-led international effort to bring stability to the country is far from certain as the most powerful military power in the world struggles with a multi-faceted insurgency."

He said it could take five years before Iraq's own security forces were able to guarantee stability themselves. |link|

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