Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Kicking the Oil Habit within 50 years

The New Scientist has a special feature on scientific issues at issue in the presidential election.

Of special interst to me is the article In 50 years, we could cure our oil addiction by David L. Chandler.

Selected quote:

[T]he perception that the world cannot do without oil is misguided. True, many of the alternatives, such as wind power, biofuels or a hydrogen economy, appear too impractical or distant to allow an immediate divorce from oil. But a raft of studies, researched and funded not just by advocates of alternative energy but also those with vested interests in the status quo, suggest otherwise.

The potential pay-offs are huge. No more massive subsidies for oil exploration and extraction. No more reliance on troubled regions such as the Middle East, which has 65% of the world’s oil reserves. Huge cuts in pollution and a curtailing of climate change. In short, the strategy is a no-brainer. The only losers would be the oil business – one of the world’s richest and most powerful industries. That industry, of course, nurtured President Bush, whose administration’s policies are widely seen to favour fossil fuels. |Link|

Thanks to Daily Kos for the link.

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