Sunday, September 12, 2004

Keepin' It Unreal: Sex and Violence in Grand Theft Auto

I don't know about you, but I've been waiting with bated breath for the new Grand Theft Auto (GTA) video game.

Today, I ran across this item by Martin Bright discussing how the glorification of gangsta culture has led to a "lost generation" of young black men.

Since the GTA series is put out by a bunch of Brits, the discussion of the glorification of gangsta violence in Britian is apropos. The newest addition to the Grand Theft Auto franchise is called San Andreas and is due out in stores in mid to late October, 2004.

GTA has been groundbreaking because it allows you to interact in an open-ended way with the gaming environment and has tons of mini-games, puzzles, and hidden items to increase the interactivity. You add to this incredible soundtracks, excellent voice-acting, a manageable camera angle, and a dose of humor...and you have the best selling video game series of the last two years.

I agree that GTA glorifies violence. It makes violence fun and entertaining. GTA boasts a wide cast of characters including dirty cops, pimps, prostitutes, crooked lawyers, the Yakuza, mob hitmen, Haitan drug dealers....

My wife refers to GTA as "the hooker game". It is one of the few video games that I'm aware of that actually has hookers in it.

Speaking for myself, I had violence tendencies long before GTA. While I haven't touched another human being in anger in over a decade...I've certainly been tempted.

I think GTA has been a healthy outlet for my violent tendencies and allows me to help keep my rage internal. But that's just me.

People react to video games depending upon a wide variety of factors. I don't think GTA is appropriate for children, although millions of children in this country have played the game judging by some of the forums I've read recently. commentary aside, here are some previews of GTA San Andreas.

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