Friday, September 17, 2004

A decisive liar

Jon Stewart in his interview of Pat Buchanan last week summed up my feelings on Bush being decisive: "He drove us into a wall, but he never blinked."

I'm not overly fond of John Kerry and he's not my first choice for President. But he strikes me as an intelligent, considerate man who is basically honest.

I don't believe Bush is an idiot. (Not anymore anyway.) But I do believe him to be fundamentally dishonest and without compassion. And that disqualifies him from being a candidate for President of the United States of America in my opinion.

A USA Today editorial titled Glowing promises can't hide dark turn of events in Iraq from September 16th warns that Bush's lies about Iraq should be discounted and we must face the fact that the insurgency is growing ever stronger if we are to respond effectively to this distressing reality.

Andrew Greeley said it well when he wrote:

If ever there were high crimes and misdemeanors, the lies about the war in Iraq fit that category. We are an odd people. We impeach a president because he lied about his private sex life, which killed no one and harmed no one beyond his family. Yet we support and may well re-elect a ''strong'' president whose lies are responsible for so many flag-draped caskets, so many poignant obituaries, and so much grief. How many women are sobbing in church these days because of Bush's lies?

Thanks to Istvan the Mad for pointing me to Greeley's short essay.

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