Friday, August 20, 2004

Lou Dobbs on Now with Bill Moyers

I've been watching more PBS of late. Spammy T highly recommends it. I watched a very persuasive interview tonight. Lou Dobbs of Moneyline was the guest this evening on NOW with Bill Moyers. Dobbs has written a new book called Exporting America in which he laments the outsourcing of jobs from the United States over the last fifteen years.

He agreed with Moyers that corporations have taken control of both parties of government and he is very opposed to the outsourcing of US labor and the "race to the bottom" in labor costs going on globally.

Dobbs also argued that organized labor used to be a check on the power of corporations, but as they have become less powerful, corporate control of government has gone out of control and Americans should demand their interests be considered alongside the interests of major corporations. At least that's what I took from his interview. Maybe I'll find time to read his book...

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