Sunday, August 29, 2004

Expatriates are voting this time

This election matters and we all know it. If Bush wins this one, then people all around the world will assume that Americans support the Bush War Machine.

From Anna Nelson's article in SwissInfo:

According to both Democrats Abroad and Republicans Abroad, expatriate voter numbers appear to be four times higher than they were at this time in 2000....Both Buchman and Valladeres cite the war in Iraq, as well as a rising tide of anti-Americanism, as the main reasons many expatriates are calling for a shift in US foreign policy and a change in administration. “It’s getting to the point that little old ladies on the tram are hitting me with their umbrellas, saying ‘You bad American, what are you doing?’” said Buchman. “Even in a US-centric country like Switzerland, we’ve seen how our image has eroded in a frightening way since September 11,” she added. “We don’t like it, so we’re voting.” It seems that the Bush administration’s domestic and foreign policies have even prompted some diehard Republicans to switch camps. Alfred-Maurice de Zayas, a Cuban-born American and professor of international law living in Geneva, says he is encouraging his fellow party members to “think twice” before voting for Bush. (emphasis mine)

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