Monday, August 30, 2004

Charity Watch: Modest Needs gets Safety Neal's Seal of Approval

Sarah, the love of my life, volunteers at Modest Needs. They give very small grants to working families to help them through a small financial crisis. Their average grant is $180.

To date, Modest Needs has kept 1264 working families from entering the public welfare system by remitting payment for $236,215.71 worth of unexpected expenses on behalf of the families we've had the funding to assist.

Those expenses have ranged from the fee for a GED test to the bill for an auto repair to the cost of burying a stillborn child.

Modest Needs' average grant is just over $180.00 per family. But because our grants keep working families working, they've now returned more than $7.7 million in earned income to the pockets of families who have remained self-sufficient because of them. [Link]

It's a worthy charity if you are looking for some way to help your fellow human beings, really into philanthropy, or just looking to shelter some money on your taxes.

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