Friday, August 27, 2004

Bush pressures Japan to militarize

Democracy Now has an interview with Chalmers Johnson about the US force realignment issue.

More interesting to me was Johnson's revelation that this crazy fucking administration has been trying to get Japan to take up offensive military operations.

Selected quote:

Article IX of the Japanese Constitution, in which Japan renounces the use of armed force in international relations, was in fact Japan's form of apology for World War II to the nations of East Asia, that it victimized. We have now had our -- Richard Armitage, Powell's deputy and then Powell himself now come out and say, we regard Article IX, which by the way is in the Constitution that General MacArthur wrote, we regard Article IX as an obstacle to our global strategic imperial plan. And if you want us to back you up in going into the U.N. Security Council, we want you to amend your Constitution and get rid of it. Well, this has produced unbelievable outrage in Japan, even from conservative politicians that say it's simply flagrant interference in the domestic affairs of Japan, and I hope it will actually energize the defenders of Article IX, who are getting few in number as we get further and further away from people who remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki and World War II.

I'm sure the rest of Asia is delighted by this plan.

How stupid is this administration? Just when I think they have done the most idiotic thing on Earth, they go and do something even less intelligent....

Maybe they aren't stupid. Maybe they're totally insane.

You know, we have drugs to treat insanity. But there's still no cure for stupidity.

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