Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Why people hate Lawyers

I was going to try to post something light-hearted and funny today. Really.

But then I got an email today from the Chancellor of UCLA saying that Dubya and the Governator have ordered federal and state buildings to fly the flag at half mast for 30 days to honor Ronald Reagan's passing.

When I think of the 800 odd American soldiers who have given their lives in Iraq for Dubya's pack of lies and Cheney's greed and their families only get a form letter and free funeral out of the deal....well, it makes my blood boil.

Then my friend Spammy T was telling me about Ashcroft courting contempt of Congress yesterday.

So I wander over to the Bellman and I see this post about Ashcroft refusing to answer direct questions about whether Bush ordered the torture of Iraqis and refusing to give to Congress the legal memos on torture that are all over the Internet anyway.

I listened to Nina Totenberg's audio piece on the NPR page Midkiff links to, and it is so damned infuriating to listen to the Inspector General of the US deny that the executive branch makes the sort of bullshit hair-splitting legal distinctions on torture that are available in print.

Which reminds me why people hate attorneys so much. Hiding torture behind semantics is pretty fucking despicable.

The torture itself is a crime. But when I think about these Republican fat-cat attorneys sitting in their air-conditioned offices in DC trying to think up cute, little legal arguments about when torture isn't really torture......

It makes me ashamed that I'm an attorney.

But that reminds me of a joke.

How do you get a lawyer out of a tree?
Cut the rope.

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