Friday, June 04, 2004

Turkish Prime Minister issues rebuke to Sharon and Bush

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish prime minister, has stated that Israel is conducting state-sponsored terrorism in Gaza and in so many words says that the US is losing credibility abroad according to the BBC.

This is particularly damning when you realize that Turkey is Israel's closet ally in the Middle East and is typically considered a US ally. Of course, that all may be changing under the Project for the New American [Imperialist] Century.

Since Dubya doesn't read newspapers, I hope one of Dubya's aides will mention Prime minister Ergodan's comments to him.

[Turkish prime minister Ergodan] stood by his earlier accusation that Israel was practising "state terrorism" against Palestinians.

Selected quote:

"When you look at the structure of what has happened, how else can you interpret it?" he said.

Israel usually enjoys very close relations with Turkey, its strongest military and trade partner in the Middle East region.

Mr Erdogan went on to make an apparently veiled criticism of another ally, Washington, calling for a more multilateral approach in its "global war on terrorism".

"Saying 'I am the strong one, so I can name anyone I want as a terrorist and anyone I want as a criminal and just kill them and go' - that mentality is wrong," he said.

"All those responsible are losing their credibility with every passing day... You must have followed what kind of reactions the pictures of the abuse in Abu Ghraib prison [in Iraq] received," he added.

I don't get to vote in the Israeli elections, but I am voting against Bush and his mad war machine in the presidential election. I'm not sure what sort of president Kerry will be, but he cannot be any worse that Cheney, Rove, and their puppet, Dubya.

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