Monday, June 14, 2004

Too much Queer Eye

My wife told me yesterday that I've been watching too much Queer Eye, which I thought was really funny. I do like the show, even if it is all about stereotypes and humiliation. It was my secret shame until just now...

I asked my wife if I should get laser hair removal for the hair growing on my neck. I saw an episode the other day about a guy whose neck and beard hair did seem to be growing together. I'm in the same boat. Managing my body hair is a bigger issue every year as I grow ever hairier. I used to feel even more like a wolf-man before I started man-scaping.

Actually, I like several reality TV programs. Ground Force on the BBC is a lot of fun. I'm really a gardener at heart.

I also like Fox's Cops and the World's Scariest Police Chases.

Jonah McMichael has an interesting piece claiming that these types of shows reveal that the public is sick and pathetic.

Selected Quote:

What's worse? Knowing that there is an insatiable market for suffering, humiliation and gore and providing that service? Or being the consumer who ultimately supports it? It makes me more than just a little concerned about our society to know there are literally millions of people across the country fascinated by the sight of human anguish and carnage.

I am that public.

In my defense, I think Cops is a fascinating study in what happens on the street. Watching an hour of Cops does give you an appreciation of the difficult situations cops encounter every day. I've seen some very good police work and some very bad police work on Cops.

While watching Cops, I often think that suspects aren't being beaten only because the camera is there. Fox's videographer is creating a valuable record of real police work. As a defense attorney, I always wanted to see the video of my clients being arrested if it existed. Usually they were really boring, but once in a while, you would get something that totally changed your opinion of a case.

In the rape case of Sherrif Deputy's son Greg Haidl in Orange county, Haidl's home-made video tape of the rape of a 16-year-old female is the main piece of evidence.

Last week, prosecutor Dan Hess finished presenting his case that Haidl, Kyle Nachreiner and Keith Spann videotaped themselves assaulting Doe, then 16, after they’d given her beer, marijuana and a drug-laced glass of gin at Haidl’s Newport Beach house on July 6, 2002. The confiscated video begins with Doe saying she felt “so fucked up” and resisting Haidl’s attempt to remove her top. The defense says the girl’s outward defiance was, in fact, an act, the beginning of a coy consent for the gangbang that followed. Filming resumed eight minutes later with the defendants using Doe — now naked and unconscious — for sex on a garage sofa and pool table. Later on the video, they can be seen laughing, dancing and mugging for the camera as they penetrate the girl’s vagina and anus with a Snapple bottle, juice can, lighted cigarette and pool cue.

Haidl isn’t bright. He lost the video at the Newport Beach rental. The people who found it thought the boys had had intercourse with a corpse. One of them, Fontana resident Lindsay Picou, 20, testified that she “felt ill” after seeing the tape and decided to turn it over to police. Investigators eventually found Jane Doe, who said she recalled passing out, waking up and vomiting but none of the sex. [Link]

I think we ought to require officers to wear little mini-cams on their lapels or in a mandatory helmet that beams the information back to a digital recorder in their car. There should also be a GPS module in the camera to geocode the images so that a court can know precisely where the events shown took place.

As to the police chases, what can I say? I come from a long line of poor, white trash. It's much better than NASCAR.

NASCAR is really all about the crashes. Who can be interested in cars driving in a circle 500 times?

It's all about the crashes, and the World's Scariest Police Chases has lots of crashes. I love it when some moron on a motorcycle tries to run from the police. Fools and their heads are soon parted...

I've never seen When Animals Attack, but maybe I should check out.

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