Monday, June 21, 2004

NATO is tapped out in Afghanistan

Today's print edition of the Wall Street Journal has an article by Philip Shishkin talking about how NATO is having difficulty fulfilling its mission in Afghanistan. This makes taking on more duties in Iraq logistically difficult, if not impossible.

Selected quote:

[T]he alliance's military limitations pose a more practical problem and raise questions about NATO's ability to sustain several operations at once and to expand its theater of operations beyond Europe. "In Afghanistan, we are already operating to the limits of our ability," says a government official from a NATO country. "I don't see much evidence that there would be enthusiasm for engagement in Iraq that would require new troop contributions."

Bush's desperate attempts to get NATO to bail him out of the Iraqi debacle do not seem likely to bear fruit prior to the November election.

I think the Bush administration has made a total mess out of Iraq.

Zwichenzug (over at Bellman) has some more analysis of the pending Iraqi civil war.

I remember before the war in Iraq Bush saying that Saddam's denials were a re-run of the same old movie and he was tired of it. He wanted to see the war movie instead. Well, he got his wish.

There's a Turkish proverb about being careful what you wish for. I am glad that Saddam is gone, but I don't think war was the only option, and it certainly wasn't the best option. I think America's security and image abroad have been sorely damaged by Bush's conduct of the war.

If Kerry wins the election and inherits the clusterfuck that Bush has created, I feel sorry for him.

If Bush wins, well, I feel sorry for America.

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