Thursday, June 03, 2004

Educators Against the War

I helped organize a forum to discuss the war against Iraq today with four education grad students. About 60 people came total. I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad over that. That was about the perfect number of people given the size of our room. But we're talking about a campus of 40,000 students and we put up a lot of flyers.

One of my professors, Mary Niles Maack, attended. My friend, Julie Huffman, was also there. Julie and I are co-Presidents of the UCLA student chapter of SLA (Special Libraries Association) next year.

I put up another blog about the peace forum, which has a lot of anti-war and alternative info links, if you're interested. The education students kept calling it a teach-in, but I just think of it as a forum. I cannot take credit for the links, actually. My friend, Noah, put them together.

One of the speakers, Rosa Furumoto, talked about how No Child Left Behind requires military recruiters be given access to high schools in return for federal moneys. She also had a GIS display of the high schools with J-ROTC and middle schools with cadet programs. She then overlaid the points with census tract data about the predominant ethnicities in areas with J-ROTC programs. As you might expect, latino and african-american areas have a very healthy number of J-ROTC programs.

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