Saturday, June 12, 2004

Are there any bike friendly cities?

My friend the Bellman recently asked me if LA was a bike friendly city. I'm not sure that any large American cities are bike friendly. They're too big to bike across and it's almost impossible to get around without biking on the highway at some point or the other.

I've never been hit by a car...knock on wood. But there are lots of jerks out there and you have to watch out for them. Bicyclists have the same trouble as motorcyclists, which is that we are hard to see and most drivers aren't paying that much attention to the road to notice something as puny and insignificant as a biker.

At least LA has a climate that is conducive to bike riding year-round. In my native Kansas, there are 2-3 months of the year that are really too cold to bike in and another 60-90 days of the year that are too wet to bike in safely.

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