Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Living in a nightmare...

First, a humorous story:

The military contractor Blackwater tried to hire a Greenpeace activist according to this story.

How about a political cartoon now from Steven Bell, as well.

Now, for some more on the torture scandal.

The Guardian has a press review from the Arab world here.

Selected quote:

You see, revenge is a dish best eaten cold. Our friends and allies the Americans have a saying, which I believe we should make our motto: 'Don't get mad. Get even.' - Amr Mohammed Al-Faisal, Arab News, Saudi Arabia, May 9, 2004

I think we could easily see another Arab oil embargo coming out of this along with a more robust terrorist network. And oil already hit $40 per barrel last Friday.

Here's a study that finds that world consumers are increasingly not buying American products because they don't like the US anymore. Bush has been poisoning the well of world opinion for three years now, and the toxic effects are starting to be felt by all Americans.

For a little historical perspective, Dorreen Yellow Bird has a column reminding us that the US Army has long used murder, torture and mutilation to oppress people.

Selected quote:

As pictures of the Iraqi prisoners unfolded across the nation like some salacious sex or sadomasochism magazine, the public is appalled and dumbfounded.

Not in America or by Americans, people say. But that's not true. We, in this country, have a history of killing for selfish and misguided reasons. A few days ago in heated conversation about the Iraqi prisoner abuses, I couldn't help but drift to an image of the massacre at Sand Creek on Nov. 29, 1864. Five hundred to 600 Cheyenne and Arapaho were killed by U.S. soldiers. Many of the victims were children or women. The soldiers scalped some of the victims. The men knocked the brains out of babies, and many women were cut into pieces and their bodies mutilated.

Correspondence from the massacre report that women's private parts were taken from dead bodies and carried into Denver for a gory "show and tell." The trophies were greeted with cheers and praise by the community.

Col. John M. Chivington, commander of the unit that attacked the Cheyenne and Arapaho, said this was an act of duty to themselves and to civilization. Chivington and his troops felt justified in killing innocent woman and children because the community thought of Native people as savages - people who stood in the way of their way of life. So renegade warriors in that region retaliated by attacking settlers, killing and scalping them.

I think this historical incident exemplifies the sort of tit for tat revenge killings that September 11th started.

I think the Reservist Lt. General in charge of Abu Grope should also be court-martialed. It's her command. How can she just let military intelligence tell her not to go in there?

The military also resents these chickenhawks that Rumsfeld and Bush installed. These chickenhawks who never served in the military.

I think we should bring the troops home and Rumsfeld should resign.

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