Saturday, April 24, 2004

UN Peacekeeper from Jordan kills 3 American Peacekeepers

On April 17th, 3 US soldiers who were assigned to the UN as peacekeepers in Kosovo were killed by another UN peacekeeper from Jordan. I haven't seen much definitive on it so far, but this story by the AP's Danica Kirka fills in some details. The killer was Sergeant Major Ahmed Mustafa Ibrahim Ali. The Sergeant Major knows how to set an ambush. The death toll would have been much higher if the Sergeant Major's M-16 hadn't jammed on him. (As an aside, I think M-16's are really too finicky to be a good battle rifle.)

Kirka's article raises more questions than it answers. If the killer was a member of Hamas, then it would mark an ominous new direction for Hamas which has previously avoided attacks on the US military.

This news item doesn't appear to be getting much play in the US media.

Is this because 3 dead service members is not a big news story compared to Iraq and Afghanistan? Is it because the Administration has asked the press to not run a story that might embarrass Jordan, a very vulnerable ally?

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