Thursday, April 08, 2004

Spring of Violence

Maureen Dowd writing in the New York Times (reg'n req'd) described the Iraq situation well I thought.

Our troops in Iraq don't know who they're fighting and who they're saving. They don't know when they're coming home or when they're being forcibly re-upped by Rummy. Our diplomats in Baghdad don't know who they're handing the country over to next month. And Bush officials don't know where to go for help, since the military's tapped out, the allies have cold feet, the Arab world's angry and the rest of the globe is thinking, "You got what you deserved."

* * * *

Every single thing the administration calculated would happen in Iraq has turned out the opposite. The W.M.D. that supposedly threatened us did not exist. The dangerous dictator was deluded and writing romance novels. The terrorism that would be thwarted has mushroomed in Iraq and is feeding Arab radicalism.

Nonna Gorilovskaya's essay in Mother Jones for April 8th makes the situation in Iraq sound similarly bleak.

I feel sorry for Kerry if he wins. Inheriting George Bush's blossoming deficit and his debacle in Iraq and Afghanistan is not something I would wish on anyone. The US will never recover totally from the foreign policy disaster that is George Bush.

The April 2004 print edition of Mother Jones has a photo essay about soldiers wounded in Iraq. Since the Dept. of War is not allowing photos of caskets, this is as close as the press can get to the aftermath of Iraq's invasion and occupation.

I'm not a pacifist, I totally support the right of self-defense among individuals and among nations. But I really think this war was a terrible mistake.

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