Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Reality Check...did the US really rocket a mosque in Iraq today?

According to the Associated Press' Bassem Mroue and Abdul-Qader Saadi, the US used a helicopter to attack the wall around the mosque in Fallujah today. The US attacked it during prayers, apparently. Now, I know that prayers occur 5 times per day in the Muslim religion. The fact that they pray so often really makes it hard to find a good time to attack a mosque.

Maybe there really isn't a good time to attack a mosque...
Maybe I should take a poll. When do you think is the best time to rocket a mosque (or the wall around the mosque)? Choices could include:

  • before prayers

  • during prayers

  • after prayers

  • any time you damn well feel like

Jerry, my wife's boss, suggests that maybe Bush merely wants to unite the Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq. Bush always said he was a uniter, not a divider.

Selected quote:

Signs were emerging of growing sympathy between Sunni Muslim insurgents and al-Sadr’s Shiite movement. In mainly Sunni Ramadi, portraits of al-Sadr were posted on government buildings, schools and mosques, along with graffiti praising him for his “heroic deeds” and “valiant uprising against the occupier.’’

Iraq’s Shiite majority has largely avoided anti-U.S. violence, shunning al-Sadr’s virulent anti-U.S. rhetoric as well as the insurgency led by Sunnis in central Iraq. U.S. officials have expressed concern that al-Sadr could start cooperating with the Sunni guerrillas.

Perhaps I should stop being flippant. I'm really amazed by this Administration. I don't see anything in the papers about an apology. Did someone order the attack on the mosque? Did someone in the White House order the attack on the mosque?

My wife doesn't think I should be surprised, there is precedent. The US Cavalry killed many First Nation citizens during the Ghost Dance. Why should I expect this administration to respect the concept of holy ground? Bush flaunts his Christianity all the time. He meant it when he said this was a crusade after 9/11.

After all, this administration invaded Iraq despite the largest world-wide peace protests in history. This war introduced new words into our vocabulary like "urban air support". An administration that drops bombs in cities regardless of civilian casualties and reserves the right to strike pre-emptively and to use tactical nuclear weapons surely isn't afraid of attacking a mosque or killing an Imam.

I hope that Bush realizes that making a martyr out of al-Sadr will only make the situation in Iraq worse.

Just when I think my opinion of this administration could not get any worse, they surprise me with yet another moron move.

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