Friday, April 23, 2004

Counting the cost of Falluja

The Guardian's Rory McCarthy has an interesting piece on the violence in Falluja. Rory cites Ibrahim Younis, the Iraq emergency coordinator for Médecins sans Frontières (Doctors without Frontiers) for saying that the US used a hospital as a command center and sniper location, turning it into a military target in violation of the Geneva convention.

Selected Quote:

"The Americans put a sniper position on top of the hospital's water tower and had troops in the single-storey building," said Mr Younis, who visited Falluja during the fighting two weeks ago. "The hospital had four operating theatres, which could no longer be used. If they had been working, it would have saved many lives."

He said MSF wanted an independent inquiry to determine why the US military used the hospital as a military position - a violation of the Geneva convention....Only a handful, the young doctor included, were prepared to criticise the guerrilla fighters. "The mojahedin are brave and fear nothing," he said. "But is it wise to do all these things? Who is responsible for those who died: the Americans for sure, but the mojahedin too." [Link]

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