Monday, April 05, 2004

Bush is in trouble as new violence flares in the Mid-East

Opinion polls show that Bush's approval rating is dropping. The new violence from the followers of radical cleric, Muqtada al-Sadr, is not helping matters for Bush. John J. Lumpkin of the Associated Press reports that even Republican Senator Richard Lugar is suggesting that the security situation in Iraq makes a June 30th turn-over of power to Iraqi authorities a dubious idea.

Neal and Sarah (and Halle) return from Washington state

Sarah and I had a very nice vacation over Spring Break. We took the dog, Halle, with it was a family vacation. We visited Morro Beach and Big Sur. We saw a seal at a lonely lookout near Vista del Mar, which was pretty cool for a couple of kids from Kansas. The Avenue of the Giants and the Redwood National Forest were also very nice.

In Washington State, we visited Molly and Travis. Molly and Travis are friends of mine from high school and college. They have been living in the Olympia area for approximately seven years and are doing quite well.

I thought it was a nice area, but I don't think I could ever live there because of the ubiquity of the mold and fungus. It was really sunny for the two days we were in Olympia and Tumwater, Washingon.

In Oregon, we stopped and visited another friend of mine from high school and college, Francis Fung. Francis lives in Corvallis now with his wife and three children. Francis' wife is a math professor and he works in artificial intelligence.

We also stopped in Portland overnight at the Mark Spencer hotel and took advantage of their bookworm special. If you are a bibliophile and you are going to be in Portland, you have to visit Powell's City of Books.

The Siskiyou mountains along the Oregon-California border were probably the highlight of the trip back from me.

New quarter begins tomorrow

The new quarter begins tomorrow for me. I'm taking three classes: Subject Cataloging; Historical Methodology of Information Science; and Diversity, Ethics and Change.

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