Thursday, April 08, 2004

Bureau of Indian Affairs continues to hire felons for Indian (First Nation) schools

Given the Rice testimony before the 9/11 commission and the fighting sweeping across Iraq, it isn't surprising that this report about the BIA hiring felons to work in classrooms didn't get much attention from the US press, but the Guardian thoughtfully printed Robert Gehrke's piece on the Inspector General report.

I've read old Senate subcommittee hearings which detailed the sexual abuse of children at BIA run boarding schools. One of the sex offenders put on his job application that he was fired from his previous job for violating a certain statute (without explicitly saying it was about child molestation) and was still hired. What was even more shocking was that the administration refused to act on allegations of wrong-doing by the child molesters for years.

It sounds like things haven't changed much at the BIA in the interim.

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