Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Survey: What is your favorite food?

If fat and calories were not an issue, and the only consideration was taste, what food would you eat more of? Is this your favorite food? Perhaps fat isn't an issue for you because you love soy and fish so much...

Personally, I love lasagna with a red sauce, cheese and ground beef, sometimes called lasagna di bolognese. There are many varieties of lasagna, and I enjoy most of them. lists several lasagna recipes. I've never had the lasagna col pesto, but that sounds good. I like pesto quite a bit as well. I've had good vegetarian lasagna and even good chicken lasagna. But for me, lasagna smothered in cheese with ground beef and a rich tomato sauce is what I crave.

Let me know what food you reach for when you want to indulge in the comments section.

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