Sunday, March 07, 2004

Police Practice Update: Taser Use on the Rise

The New York Times (reg'n req'd) has a piece about how taser use is increasing among major police departments around the country.

Adoption of Taser International's M26 and X26 tasers last year was a factor in fewer police shootings last year. For several departments, police shootings were at a 14 year low last year.

This new taser is much more powerful and has a microchip that records every time the trigger is pulled (and a jolt is administered to the arrestee).

So for those of you who are into crime, civil disobedience or even armed insurrection, this is what you are up against: a new and improved cattle prod.

They're also being tested by the US Army in Iraq.

The Seattle PD's report on one-year's use of the taser may be of interest.

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