Thursday, March 25, 2004

One voice, one vote

I have been referring to this blog as my soapbox. This is the place where I come to voice my thoughts and ask my questions. Some are rhetorical, some truly inquisitive.

In an earlier post, I opined that if Bush gets elected, the draft is coming back. I was talking to my friend Keith at the law school the other day and Keith persuaded me that even if Kerry gets elected the draft might come back.

I count myself lucky that I have a vote and am a fully enfranchised citizen.

At 31, I doubt I will be drafted without prior military service unless things get really nasty. But maybe.

I love the US and if I were drafted I would serve my country. But probably not from the frontlines. People who know how to type are too valuable to issue rifles. And if you can practice law and know HTML...other people would probably be put in charge of my security during my time of service to the military. I doubt all my time spent playing the PS2 is going to earn me a sniper's rifle.

Zwichenzug has an interesting post about how the world wants to have a voice in the US elections. I can respect someone's desire to participate in an election even if they are not enfranchised. Let me assure you that I will vote in the next election, as many times as they'll let me.

I'm curious what my readers think about world government? A total pipe dream? Something to fear? Something to embrace?

I've always thought that a world government might be able to focus on space exploration more seriously than all the independent nations of Earth working in parallel. But if world government decided space exploration was a waste of time...there wouldn't be much room for dissent and that would be the end of space exploration for at least that term of government.

Sovereignty is something that is really hard to get back after you've given it away. Ask any of the First Nations of North America. The cynic in me thinks that US citizens would never vote to relinquish their sovereignty. Not without a civil war or the discovery of extraterrestrial life first.

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