Thursday, March 18, 2004

Just click your heels three times and you'll be back in Kansas...

If only it were that easy, I'd visit more often. The Wizard of Oz came up in conversation for me today. I went on a tour of the special collections and rare book section of the UCLA biomedical library today. It was very interesting.

One of the other people who went was the IS Department's visiting scholar. Dr. Yang is from the People's Republic of China. He was very nice. We chatted for a bit. When I told him that I was from Kansas, he mentioned Frank Baum. He had read the Wizard of Oz while growing up in China. I was quietly impressed. Both with the professor and the spread of Frank Baum's work.

I really wish I were more fluent in another language. I've studied German and Italian, but it's so rusty. And it was never that good in the first place.

Exciting career paths in cataloging....
I'm thinking of becoming a cataloger. There are worse things you can do with your time than improve the bibliographic control in the world. Or at least my little corner of the world.

I like maps and map cataloging could be quite challenging and useful knowledge to have. I think I'm going to become a geography geek next.

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