Thursday, March 18, 2004

Is the War on Terror really a war or just a Republican Campaign Strategy?

The Christian Science Monitor tackles the question of whether the "war" on terror is properly a war. The Europeans view terrorism as a law enforcement issue, not a matter for the military. John Kerry appears to share this view.

The article also provides some analysis on the possible fallout to US-European relations of Madrid's decision to withdraw from the occupation of Iraq.

Of course, international reaction will be determined in large part by how that overgrown frat-boy in the White House deals with the situation. I anticipate more jingoistic drum-beating from this administration.

Selected Quote:

Spain may indeed pull its troops out of the coalition in Iraq, but Mr. Sanderson says the US should not assume that means Spain is "turning tail" on the fight against terror. "Spain is not leaving the war on terror. They are leaving a war of choice in Iraq," he says.

In response, the US should work to redirect Spain's efforts - to join other Europeans in stabilizing Afghanistan, for example, where there is virtually no controversy about US intentions, says Sanderson.

He also notes that the US is worried other countries will join Spain in pulling out of Iraq - which is likely to figure in Bush's speech Friday to the ambassadors of countries that the US deems partners in the terror war.

Inhalant Abuse on the Rise among American Teens has an article talking about inhalant use among teenagers. My friend, Cliff, summed up inhalant use well when he said: "Your ticket to instant brain damage."

The article uses a statistic that inhalant users are three times more likely than other teens to use illegal drugs. So, now we know. Silver spray paint is the real gateway drug.

You know what this means, of course.

War on Silver Spray Paint!

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