Sunday, March 14, 2004

Is the Draft Coming Back?

Spammy T sent me a large number of links about the return of the US draft today. I've already stated in an earlier post my belief that if Bush is re-elected, the draft will be reinstated.

This Buzzflash article does a good job of listing the reasons Bush might reinstate the draft. The author also points out how the government has made it more difficult to evade than draft than in the past.

There are strong indications that the draft is coming back. Two bills are already pending in Congress to reinstate the draft and the Pentagon is staffing the Selective Service Boards.

My previous post was called the Hollow Army, here is a recap:

The Atlantic Monthly has an editorial discussing how the US Armed Forces have become desperately overcommitted.

Selected quote:
Logically speaking, it's easy to see a solution to the military's problems.

But politically, it's hard, because the solution necessarily involves one or more of the following:

The United States can cut back on its promises and commitments.

Or it can spend significantly more money to attract enough soldiers to a volunteer force.

Or it can find ways other than voluntary enlistment to bring them in.

Some advantages and disadvantages of each approach are obvious; others will emerge only with debate.

But the next President will have to take some or all of these steps.

Asian Ladybugs invade Midwest

In more mundane news, yellow ladybugs from China have invaded the United States. These ladybugs don't transmit disease, but they do bite, according to the Omaha World Herald.

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