Monday, March 01, 2004

Data Mining Information Request made to Homeland Security by member of Congress

The Washington Times has an article on data mining, or "data correlation", as the US Government is now calling it.

The article also discusses the state's initiative which is called MATRIX and has avoiding much public scrutiny thus far.

Selected Quote:

The police database Matrix, short for Multi-State Anti-Terrorism Information Exchange, has received $12 million in funding from the Justice Department and Homeland Security Department. The ACLU calls it a "radical new trend toward mass surveillance of the American people."

Matrix can root through 20 billion records on U.S. citizens and connect the records with information from local, state and federal law enforcement to identify terrorists and criminals.

Documents obtained by the ACLU from Matrix describe it as a "data-mining system," but a Matrix spokesman called it a "query-response system."

Video Game News

In more frivolous news, Rockstar Games has set a release date for the next Grand Theft Auto game: GTA San Andreas. If the say October 2004, that means April 2005?

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