Saturday, March 06, 2004

Body Armor for the Troops becomes Election-Year Issue

The Guardian has an article about the lack of modern body armor for our troops and the lack of armor plating for Hummers in Iraq.

Kerry accuses Bush of failing the troops. I'm not sure that it is totally fair to lay this at Bush's feet. The real problem is the culture at the Pentagon. The Pentagon gets $400 billion per year, but still refuses to issue modern body armor to soldiers until the old body armor wears out. This policy ignores the fact that recent technological advances have made modern body armor much more protective and lighter than the older generations of body armor.

I am very interested in firearms and I've read quite a bit recently on the topic of modern body armor.

Regardless of who is to blame, I hope this old body armor situation is remedied soon. I think Kerry is already doing a service to the troops by making modern body armor an election-year issue.

The bigger issue is how to reform the Pentagon. But that is a Pandora's box that no candidate wants to open. And reforming the Pentagon doesn't make a good sound bite. And sound bites are all the public seems capable of digesting.

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