Sunday, March 21, 2004

Aware of the Wicked

As the title of this blog suggests, I have a healthy concern for my own safety. Other people might describe me as a little paranoid. It's all a matter of perspective, really. I like to think that I am aware of the wicked and that I am taking appropriate precautions.

Jasonblog reported on the sodium cynamide bomb uncovered by the FBI near Tyler, Texas a while ago. I liked Jason's post, and I also liked this Guardian article written by Paul Harris.

Selected Quote
'The radical right is going to seek ever more deadly and extreme forms of weapons,' said Daniel Levitas, author of The Terrorist Next Door. Levitas estimates that far-right groups have about 25,000 members, with 10 times as many sympathisers. The Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC), which monitors hate groups, has identified 708 of them. Since Oklahoma City, more than 30 plots by US terrorists have been uncovered, including attacks on oil refineries, politicians and army bases.

There are a lot of scary people in the world. Eric Rudolph was a racist, Christian terrorist. Why is it that the US media always talks about jihad being holy war, when it only means struggle? And why is it that the media never refers to Rudolph as a Christian terrorist, when he so obviously is?

Our society should be concerned about militant Christianity and militant Islam. I think we've a lot of militant Christians in this country. According to the Harris article:

Investigators are desperate to work out what Krar has been doing for the two years he lived in Tyler. Plans found on him when he was arrested provided a clue. They included a code for setting up meetings in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana. They also include coded warnings to avoid police surveillance.

The Oklahoma City bombing of course comes to mind. And then there was Waco and the Branch Davidians. David Koresh always makes me think of Charles Manson, only better armed and organized. And there are hundreds of these militas in the US? That is truly scary.

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