Friday, March 26, 2004

49 retired admirals and generals sign open letter to Bush asking to delay implementing Missle Defense Program in favor of Domestic Preparedness

Reuters is reporting that 49 retired US admirals and generals have written an open letter to the Bush administration suggesting that the US should spend its finite defense budget on homeland security rather than a ballistic missle defense shield.

I've long thought that the ballistic missle shield was a boondoggle. Far too much money for too little protection. Looks like I am in good company on this one. The generals and admirals think we should harden our ports and nuclear facilities rather than work on a missle defense shield.

I think this is going to be one hell of an election year! Every other day some new group of concerned citizens or world leaders come forward to diss Dubya. And the election season has hardly begun...

I think this open letter is a stunning indictment of the Bush administration, especially coming on the heels of Richard Clarke's revelations. It makes me think these 49 admirals and generals have totally lost faith in this administration.

I applaud them for having the courage of their convictions and making this letter public.

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